A Caltrop In Your Foot (wellsjc) wrote in sadmusic,
A Caltrop In Your Foot

I was posting this for others and figured that I'd stick it here in the other forum, too. Just in the off chance that people here enjoy some ambient music, also.

Andrew Chalk - Harvest

This album is essentially two tracks. It's the front and back side of a cassette tape. It is the reworkings of another source, Organum's Kanal Sessions. It's a nice little ambient set that I've always enjoyed.

Andrew Chalk has been working in the music industry since the mid-80s and has recorded with many respected members of the electronica and ambient world. He collaborated with DJ Darren Tate to form the group ORA (not the psychedelic band from the 60s). ORA has worked with many other individuals such as Jonathan Coleclough, Lol Coxhill, Colin Potter and Daisuke Suzuki. This group has put out numerous albums that can be found with relative ease. After working with this group for a bit, Chalk ventured on his own to do some more work as a solo artist.

This is just one of the albums that he's done while working solo.

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