arwens_ghost (arwens_ghost) wrote in sadmusic,

Hi, I've never posted here before (I don't know if you like "introductory posts" but feel free to check out my LJ profile.)

Lately, I've been turning to sad music for comfort. I've been going through some tough times that you probably don't need to hear me whine about) and just thought I'd share some of the tracks that move me to tears,sometimes. Especially the first one. All music is personal taste, but I hope you enjoy them, anyway: (Into The West). This track makesme howl like a baby, when I need a good a cry. I'm not good at crying and tend to take emotions out in other unhealthy ways. - A good cry is better all round.

These, I just find very sad and love the beautiful melodies, too. I like the visuals used in these videos, but probably only because I'm a huge fan of the films, as well. (My Immortal) (The Last Unicorn)

Thanks if you listened and I'm always glad of new friends if you have similar interests.
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